Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What an Ideal 2013 would look like for me on a daily basis

I would wake up every day at 6 am without an alarm clock as if by magic feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. First thing would be to write 3 pages stream of conciseness. Then I would ride the exercise bike for 45 minutes.  After, I would hit the shower and then get dressed.  Around 7am  Orion would wake up and Patrick would change him and give him breakfast. (In this ideal year we would no longer be nursing.)  

After I eat breakfast, Orion and I would have morning story time or do an activity à la Playat Home mom.  Then he would have some independent play time while I wrote these here blog posts. We might even run an errand or have a play date. Lunch would be around 11 or noon and would include healthy, organic, homemade deliciousness that Orion would gobble down with gusto.   Lunch would be followed by some light playtime/story time to get Orion ready for nap time.  Nap time would last from 1 until 3 and he would fall asleep easily without my assistance.  

After naptime, we would enjoy an hour of playtime together.  Then at 4 I would start cooking dinner which we would eat no later than 6pm. While I cook dinner Orion is playing happily and safely by himself and not watching any television. Dinner would be met with the same excitement as lunch and Orion would no longer throw his sippy cup/plate/bowl/spoon/fork.
After dinner there would be some quality father and son playtime that would fill the house with giggles. Two or three times a week we would have bath night which is one of Orion’s favorite activities. Orion would be soundly asleep in his bed between 7 and 7:30. Then I would still have energy left over to spend some time at the sewing machine. Before my 10pm bedtime, I would write 3 things about my day which would clear out my brains and leave me set to fall asleep quickly.

Looks pretty simple and boring I know but it is my wish for the New Year. I know weaning will not happen overnight but it is something to work towards. So far, we are off to a pretty good start with just this blog post. Happy New Year!

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  1. This might not all happen in one day every day, but I bet you could do it all in a week! Except weaning... Yeah....