Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DYRN: Teething Tablets

Do you really need teething tablets? Yes because at some point your baby will cut teeth and be miserable which will make you feel miserable and helpless.  The best piece of advice I have ever gotten came from a total stranger. I don’t remember where I was, maybe I was in line for something and she just happened by. Orion wasn't being fussy and was really quite small at the time. This woman told me about Hyland’s teething tablets and spelled out the name. Orion wasn't teething at the time but I made a mental note and filed that advice away for later.

When Orion did start teething, I went to CVS, bought the teething tablets and a razberry teething pacifier.  Both turned out to be good investments but I would be lost without Hyland’s.  These teething tablets have helped to soothe my baby when he has a mouthful of ouch.  When I first started giving him the tablets, he would fight me and not open his mouth.  After the first few days of giving him the tablets, he would happily open his mouth for me.  Now, I can put 3 tablets in the palm of my hand and he will pick them up and put them in his mouth all by himself.  He knows what they are for and he knows they help.

I really wish babies would get their teeth all at once or in the span of a week or month.  It is an ongoing process and whenever Orion has on his tightest fussy pants, I wash my hands and check his gums with my finger. This has become more dangerous with each new tooth but it is the best way to check for swollen gums and new teeth.  When we have new teeth on the way, I give him 3 Hyland’s tablets and try to cut him some slack.  Extra cuddles, even more nursing, and a bit more of his favorite TV show.

In October 2010 there was a voluntary recall of these teething tables.  The original concern was the amount of Belladonna in the tablets.  What is the risk of overdosing?

"From Dr. Iris Bell, Hyland’s Medical Director: We have added child- resistant caps to Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets to make it harder for children to accidentally dose themselves. Additionally, with the prior formula, a 10-pound child would need to have ingested at least six bottles of 125 Teething Tablets at once before experiencing the first mild side effect of dry mouth. Today, a child would have to ingest, at the same time, more than a dozen bottles of 135 Teething Tablets before experiencing dry mouth from the product. The body clears Belladonna alkaloids from any dose in a matter of hours (it is unlikely to build up in the system when taken as directed on the package label)."

The tablets came back on the market in 2011 and there was much rejoicing among moms.  Hyland’s are homeopathic which is something my husband is very distrustful of but he loves Hyland’s teething tablets and believes in the effect they have.  I am so glad we are able to use these tablets to provide some relief when Orion is teething.   I really think Hyland's teething tablets are the only option when it comes to taking care of a teething baby.  Thank you random stranger for that bit of advice which i have shared every chance I get!   


  1. good to know! I've always known of them, but wasn't sure if they actually worked or what the heck they were exactly and because I'm such a weirdo about medicine I just never bought them. But this time around I'll try them!

  2. I've used an amber teething necklace with my youngest daughter and I think they do wonders! they have saved me lots of money as Camilia is not cheap. When looking at the different options it was important to me that I choose the safest, most natural products.
    A European friend suggested it to me because my daughter was having alot of teething distress. Apparently in Europe they are such a common remedy that they are sold in drug stores.
    I bought mine from a Latvian online store called Latvian Amber Store: