Monday, December 23, 2013

The Incident at the Alamo

I need to preface this story by saying that Orion has been coughing a lot the past week but only at night. During the day he is fine and happy but will have a runny nose (which is clear) and no fever.  I wouldn't say he has been sick but maybe dealing with allergies.  A few times this week he has been coughing so much at night that I brought him a sippy cup of water. This seems to happen about 3 in the morning. Last night he got me up at that time, and I brought him his sippy cup. I went into his room he was not in his bead but hanging out by his closet. He seemed happy to see me then wanted to show me his sheets which were sodden. There were two large spots of what I can only assume was mucousy vomit that came up during a coughing fit. I changed his sheets and his jammies and he was happy to get back to bed and we both slept till 7:30.

I was very excited to take Orion to the movies today to see Walking with Dinosaurs. He loves “dinoroars” and frequently runs around like a dino roaring and stomping. He also loves popcorn so I was excited to take him to the movies and splurge on our date.  We went out on this grey, rainy, Monday to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. I had never been there before and was a bit confused when I couldn't find the concession stand. Once I got into the theater I began to understand that it was more like the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse. You order from your seat and everything is brought right to you.

We got in our seats and our server started his schpeel.  He got to the part about children under the age of 6 and I was all whaaaaaaaa. Children under 6 are only allowed in the Theater on Tuesdays before 2 pm, which it wasn’t and if my 2 ½ year old got loud, we would be asked to leave. I could feel the pressure mounting to ensure that Orion was a good and quiet toddler.  We ordered popcorn, a trio of cookies, and milk.

Before the movie started, they showed many dinosaur related clips like the trailer for The Land Before Time and the music video for Walk the Dinosaur which was my jam back in the 80’s while listening to Kid’s Corner on WXPN.  They also showed the opening clip from The Muppet Movie when everyone is getting into their seats in the theater. This was followed by the warning that if you do not behave “we will blow you up”. So that was really fun AND we got to see the preview for the new Muppet movie Muppets Most Wanted and The Lego Movie. (F.Y.I - I love going to the movies, worked in movie theaters, and went to film school for a few years)

This all made me very impressed with Alamo and the service was great. I asked for a booster and was given one in a timely fashion. The seats were comfortable and there was plenty of leg room. Orion did have a few things to voice so I was really looking forward to the popcorn arriving to fill his mouth and keep him quiet. I was happy that there were only 2 other people in the Theater (both adults) but worried about getting kicked out.

We were watching the movie and Orion was being pretty good. The popcorn was delicious and Orion was very excited.  He wasn't silent but the movie was loud and he wasn't being too disruptive. The trio of cookies were freshly baked and hot. They were so unbelievably delicious!  A nice crust on the outside, soft and gooey inside. The trip consisted of a Peanut Butter Banana, a Chocolate Chip, and a Double Chocolate. At one point, I noticed Orion had chocolate all over his face and I thought “how cute, I will have to take a picture of his messy mug once the lights come up.”

I gotta tell you that my heart swelled with pride and my eyes filled with tears of joy because I was out at the movies with my son. He was being good and really seemed to be enjoying himself.  He sat in my lap for a bit and it was so comforting to have my arms around him and feel his head under my chin. A few times during the movie he turned to give me hugs. It was so sweet! But, all good things must come to an end.

The check had been dropped off which happens 30 minutes before the end of the movie. The server came by to pick it up but I hadn't been able to deal with my bag of stuff to get to my wallet. I was going to wait till the movie was over and the lights were up.  Orion was in my lap and started coughing, I reached for his milk, empty. I had a water bottle in my bag but before I could reach it, or grab anything, Orion threw up all over me. So. Much. Vomit. Then I grabbed the empty cookie pan and he threw up into that. I felt horrible for the two people sitting behind us. The smell was bad but I am fairly impervious to that smell after working in movie theaters for a number of years.

I got the water bottle out of my bag along with the wet wipes to clean us up as much as I could. I got my wallet out and paid the $15 bill and left a $10 tip. I raised up an order card so someone would notice we needed assistance.  This took a while since checks had already been handed out. I was content to finish the movie because I have only walked out of a movie once because it was awful and my date was really hot. But Orion had other plans, he wanted to walk around and I was powerless to stop him. He got into the first row and wanted me to chase him. Instead, I sat on the floor and waited for him to get distracted and then I pounced. I was able to grab him and get him in my lap while I sat on the floor. Then he noticed the row numbers and started calling out “1 2 3!” and I knew it was time to leave.

I got him into the “family” bathroom and washed up a bit more before we put on our coats. We went out into the rain and played for a few minutes on the grassy square in front of the theater.  I was hoping that some air and rain would wash away some of the vomit smell. Once we got in the car and hit the road, the smell was overwhelming. I cracked a window and struggled to obey speed limits.

Once we got home, we both stripped by the front door and I tossed everything into the wash. We took a shower together. I cleaned up first, then got Orion all soaped up which made it hard to pick him up to rinse off. I was kind of amazed at how small he felt with his arms around my neck and his legs clinging to my sides. He is in the 95th% for height and 75th for weight so we are usually talking about how huge our baby has become.  And the cherry on top would be that he peed on the bathroom rug upon exiting the shower.

I got Orion dressed first then retreated into my pajamas giving up on the day.  I made him a PB&J, took him to his room for nap, read a few stories, and tucked him in on his nap mat. This Saturday we are going to The Kennedy Center to see Elephant and Piggie are in a Play, wish us luck, I think we are going to need it!