Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yes, another blog

Being up late at night, nursing a baby, I am glad I have my smartphone to entertain me and help me stay awake. I found myself finally reading the many blogs on my gReader, and then looking for more once I'd finished those. I was checking out a few of the Top 50 mom blogs on ( ) and I thought, 'hey I could do that'.

I've had other blogs. I started in July 2009. It is a cheese and food focused journal, but some of my life has crept on to it. But my life is less and less cheesy these days. So I decided to start a new blog about what else is going on in my life. Charlotte's Cheese Dreams is not dead, it's just that these days most of my conversations are about poop.

So this blog will be about babies, boobs, and cuteness. I love and have been brought to tears by the cuteness of otters and pomeranians. I am a sucker for cute and before the cutest baby came along I was a fur mom to two of the cutest puppies. So our cast of cute for this blog is:

Squeeky - Chinese crested hairless born 7/2005, added to the family 10/2005
Fizgig - the super sized Pomeranian born 1/2006, added to the family 2/2006

Patrick - super cute and super smart husband and father
Orion James - the cutest baby boy

Since giving birth to my son 9 months ago I haven't had much time to write. I hope this blog gives me an excuse to put the baby down and write. My husband and I still cannot get over how cute our baby boy is and exclaim multiple times a day that he is so friggin cute, hence the name of this journal. I had a hard time picking a name for it, since many of the names I wanted were already taken or had dirty connatations that I was unaware of.

Some titles that almost were:
Orion's mom
blah blah blog
not another blog
pancakes for dinner
giggle butt
boobies for babies
my heart has legs
Orion is my heart
so that's what boobs do
a new level of love
staying home
we made life
melting heart
i am not the most important
slipping down the totem pole
cupcake burrito
my heart on the outside
pee pee pants
the brown crayon
even is not fair
freshly made bed

Finally, a warning:

Even though this blog is about babies, it is not for babies. One of the biggest challenges my husband and I face in raising our child is cleaning up our own potty mouths.It will contain adult language and mature content. F-bombs and the like will be dropped here, and I do not want to hear any bitching.

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