Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. For most Americans this is a day of football, food, and beer. But for our household, it is the best day of the year to go food shopping. Yes, my husband and I look forward to this day and wait for kick off before we go ransack the Wegman's. The market is less crowded and the people shopping are less brain dead. Also, the store was ready for an influx of customers and check out lines were shorter. I actually saw a check out girl tonight with no one in her line which never happens any other time I go shopping.

But tonight while wandering the gigantic store, there was apart of me that wanted to be hosting a Super Bowl party. It would give me an excuse to buy a giant pretzel slathered in crab dip or the bacon and chive cheese spread. I really want to have a bad cheese party with Port Wine cheese balls covered in nuts, Gourmandise and the worst cheese you can find. There are so many cheeses on supermarket shelves that I am convinced taste horrible but have no evidence to back up that assertion.

We are obviously not a football family and not much for sports in general. The sports category in Trivial pursuit is our Achilles heal. Patrick, being from outside Detroit is a Red Wings hockey fan and I am a Philadelphia Wings Lacrosse fan. But no sport whips me into a frenzy and forces me to buy expensive tickets or set my DVR. Patrick is way more interested in the Tour de France and will watch coverage but is nice enough not to subject me to any of it.

I wonder about the impact this might have on my son as we do not have a football, basketball, or baseball in the house. We do have some mini lacrosse sticks and tennis rackets that have never been used. I can see us getting a baseball to have a nice friendly game of catch in the yard which will turn into a game of keep away form Fizgig. Any tennis ball he sees becomes his property and do not leave Squeeky alone with a tennis ball as he will shave it to make it as hairless as he is.

Most sports are violent and I don't mind watching violence but I really don't want my kid to participate in the violence. I also do not want to deny my son the things he wants. If he wants to play sports, I will go to every game I can. I might not know what is going on or the rules of the game but I will cheer him and his team on and be excited when they win and supportive when they lose. I hope that by the time he is ready for organized sports some new invention will have come along to make the game safer.

When I was in middle school I did play Lacrosse. No one wanted to be the goalie so I fell on that sword. I remember the pads we wore on our legs were really shitty and on more than one occasion I got large round lacrosse ball shaped bruises on my inner thighs. But that did not turn me off from the game. I got really into the whole team sport thing and would paint my face green and white for game days. By the time I got into high school I was too cool for all that which was kind of a shame. I was too punk by 9th grade but who knows, maybe I could have been really good...

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