Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Splash Class

Earlier this month, Orion and I started a swim class at our local rec center. The class meets on Mondays and Wednesday from noon to 12:30 for a total of 7 classes. I love the water and I want my baby to love it too. Some of my happiest childhood memories were spent in the pool with my Dad. We took Orion to our friends pool once last summer, he may have been about 4 months old (pictured above). He was pretty stoic throughout that experience but afterwards he passed out on my lap with such exhaustion(pictured below)!

I really had no idea what I was getting into with this swim class, the logistics are ridiculous! For a half hour class it takes almost 4-5 hours of my time. We usually leave the house at 11:30am, the rec center is 5 minutes away so getting there is no big deal. The first class I did not bring in the stroller which was a big mistake as I had no place to put baby boy down. I learned from that first class that it is OK to bring in the stroller.

We usually get in the pool a little early because I like to leave myself plenty of time. I do not like feeling rushed or being late especially if there are wet slippery floors and I am carrying a baby. I do bring the stroller pool side but that is mostly so I can watch it to make sure it doesn't get stolen. I do not like to put a soaking wet, pool smelling, swim diaper wearing baby into the stroller.

When we get into the locker room, I change first and then I get Orion changed. The class description stated that he would need a swim diaper. I was so hung up on the swim diaper I didn't think he needed anything else to wear. Of course all the other babies had on rash guards and bathing suits. I even went out after that first class to buy him a swim outfit but decided to return it. He would have, most likely, outgrown that outfit by the time summer comes and we are outside swimming. It was really cute though!

The class is really fun with 3 other moms with babies 6 months, 10 months, and 2 years old. Socialization is important for both baby and mommy! The teacher is really nice and brings out a bunch of different toys to play with. We have played with buckets, squirt toys (which Orion loves to chew on), watering cans, pool noodles, and balls. Orion likes to try to eat the big red ball. Sometimes he wants to be held by the swim teacher which is really cute!

I think the class was more for me to become more comfortable in the water holding my squirmy baby. At our most recent class, it really seemed like Orion was ready to doggy paddle away from me. Regardless of the fact that my baby is a genius (just like his Daddy), I know he really isn't able to swim yet. I haven't even put his head under water as I am afraid he will hate the experience and it will scar him for life or he will get an ear infection.

After class, I get Orion toweled off and into a diaper. Then I will put him in the stroller and dress myself. I like to wear a maxi dress with nothing underneath as it makes getting changed a breeze. And how cool is that machine that takes the wet out of your swimsuit! Once I am dressed, I can get Orion dressed without getting him soaking wet from my wetness. I wear my hair in a ponytail while in the pool so I don't have to fuss with it. Then we roll out and head for home.

It is usually after 1pm by the time we get home which means lunchtime. There is something about being in a pool, even for only a half hour that makes me hungry. So I fix us lunch, something quick and easy. I will usually have leftovers and give Orion something he can pick up and eat himself. Once I am done eating and have spent a few minutes not holding the baby, I am ready to hold him and nurse him up. He will nurse and fall asleep on me for an hour or more. I will spend this time chilling on the couch and catching up on what I have DVR'd.

Once he wakes up, I put him in the infant car seat carrier and we hit the bathroom. He can watch me though our shower door and hear my voice and I can scrub down. I never have time to do anything fancy like shave or exfoliate but I am happy to get the smell of chlorine off of me. Once I am dressed, it is time for Orion to have his bath. I am still bathing him in the kitchen sink to save my back and knees from the inconvenience of bathing such a little man in a baby bath tub inside of a full size tub.

By the time was are all showered it is 4pm and I am too tired to even think about cooking dinner. Good thing we tend to make something big on Sunday to get us through the week and we do love a frittata for dinner which is wicked easy and quick to make. If I had known that swim class was going to take so much effort, I would have only done it once a week. There also isn't much you can teach a 10 month old about swimming. He mastered splashing on the first day and has been perfecting splashing me in the face ever since.

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