Thursday, March 29, 2012

DYRN: Nasal aspirators

We have been fighting a cold since Sunday night. I don't know if it is all the pollen or the hot one day cold the next but something has really gotten the snot flowing. Orion is 11 months old now and this is only the second time he has gotten the sniffles so I count myself lucky. Both times I have gotten sick right along side him. I think this is because we are together every day all day and he loves to cough in my face.

I wish babies knew how to blow their nose! I got so scared that he would drown in snot during the night during his first cold. Until he knows how to blow his nose, it is my job to get out the snot. We have gone through 3 nasal aspirators and have found the Nosefrida to be the best option. Orion doesn't like any of them and fights me whenever I try to get out the snot. He doesn't understand that it is in his best interest. He also fights me during every diaper change so I think he is just fiercely independent.

The first nasal aspirator came with our baby first aid kit. Before I used it I thought it was great because it came apart for easy cleaning and the tip was clear so I could see if I was getting any snot. When I used it for the first time, it sounded like it was working but I wasn't getting anything. It was also cumbersome in my hand, it was too small and came apart easily.

Next we tried a cute little Sassy blue elephant. Isn't it cute? and I am such a sucker for cute! But it did not get the job done. Now it is a fun squirting bath toy so it wasn't $3 totally wasted. With each of these aspirators, Orion would fuss and fight. They also have to be reinserted in the hopes of getting out the snot and they have very little suction power.

The Nosefrida snot sucker is great because it works, is quick, easy to clean, and you can see what your getting. Yes I know it looks weird and the idea of sucking the snot out of your child's nose is gross. But you really do not have to worry about snot getting in your mouth. I have not seen the snot go beyond the first two inches of the tube. I am the designated snot sucker in the house as my husband don't play that, so he holds that baby while I suck, teamwork. With any nasal aspirator, I think it helps to have someone hold the baby so you can get it over with quickly.

This morning I had to clear Orion's nose and my husband held him while I sucked out the snot as per our arrangement. Orion was crying with all his might and afterwards only wanted Daddy to hold him. But Daddy had to go to work and this made Orion cry even more! He cried so hard but by the time Patrick was out the door I had rocked and sushed Orion to sleep. I was able to put him down in his crib and we both got over an hour and a half of sleep.

Yes, you do really need a nasal aspirator and you should have one on hand before you need one. I highly recommend the Nosefrieda and no one is paying me to say that. It also helps to have a saline spray on hand. The saline will dissolve the mucus and it is impossible to overdose on according to my Pediatrician so spray away. Good luck battling the boggie monsters!

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